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    Splitting headache//Split Image

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  2. What is it I must do to pay for all my crimes?
    What is it I must do?

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  3. “In 1981 I happened to see Joe Strummer – he was the singer for the punk rock band The Clash – on the tube. I saw him sitting on the other side of the seat, but I thought he was too private – he might get too angry – but I was trying to be brave, I went up to him and asked him ‘may I take a picture of you.’ he smiled and said ‘yes’, and I clicked several shots. 
    Just before he got off the train he said to me, ‘You should take photos of whatever you want. That’s punk.’ ” 
    Herbie Yamaguchi

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  4. Playing with my new camp gear instead of doing homework. (at the black lodge)

  5. First trip to REI.

  6. Dropped a few rolls of film off for processing from last night municipal waste show. Considering the venue, this show was surprisingly more fun than I had anticipated. The waste never disappoints, and always puts on an amazing show. Here are some crappy cell phone images taken in between switching rolls of film.


  7. Sitting in my car listening to tom waits before class. I haven’t decided if this was a good idea or a bad idea.


  8. Well maybe i’m just too young
    To keep good love from going wrong

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  9. Unleash the bastards! (at Casbah San Diego)

  10. Metal heads don’t like powerviolence. (at Casbah San Diego)

  11. Metal head push pit. (at Casbah San Diego)

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    Alex and Blake

    Baldy Full Pipe

    Claremont, California

    Nikon D700

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    Alex. Sweeper at the Battle Bowl.

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    Session at the K pool with Alex and Blake. 

    The K pool is a diamond in the rough. It’s in a seedy area of town, currently occupied by a bunch of tweakers, in a run down flop house. It looked to have been a bust from the start. Apparently this pool was up and going for a while a few years back, no tenants or fuck head neighbors, just smooth transition and gnarly sessions, but all good things much come to an end. Fast forward four or five years later some buddies of mine are out looking for foreclosed or  abandoned houses, looking for pools. When finding this one using google maps they go and check it out and one of our buddies remembers the street and the house from sessions years prior. They pull up and see the house is occupied but still  go and talk with the people living there. They knock on the door, explain the situation, offer to drain it and clean it so they can avoid any fines from the city and offer them beer in hopes the tweakers let them skate. Not only was permission given, but the tenants were stoked someone wanted to drain the pool and skate it.

    Fast forward a few months later Blake takes me here because he wanted to get some photos. He wanted me to catch him grinding the shallow end stairs. So we show up here and see if it’s still going and it’s the same people living here, still down to let us skate. We spend some time cleaning all the palm frowns  and beads out and get a session going. We all take a few runs warming up and then get to work. Both Blake and Alex got a few tricks and I ended up making a few great photos. Pack up, head out to the next spot and keep at it.  This was by far one of the smoothest grounds and transitions i’ve skated in a backyard pool. I can’t believe what these people have in their back yard. 

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    Losing Battles for a trick. 100 degree weather, no shade, the roughest ground and jankiest transition, pushing against the wind.

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