1. avoidreality:

    Modest Mouse - Dramamine

    We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves 

  2. Took a few inches off my face, helping with this San Diego heat wave.


  3. You should know, you should know that I’m thinking of you.

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  4. falldownhard:

    The drive from Lone Pine to Lee Vining was great! Stopped in town to pick up some supplies and check out where to camp, due to a crazy storm I wasn’t able to see the mono lake. Next time for sure. I stuck it out and waiting for the storm to pass, when I did I found a great site in the Aspen campgrounds off highway 120. Stayed nice and dry and warm throughout the night. Now I’m headed west, explore Yosemite and make my way to San Francisco by the night.

    I belong on the road.

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  5. Teddy had a lot on his mind. He asks, why the long face(s)? Doctors appointment with @tylerjamesdensley earlier today. (at seven seas tattoo)

  6. Murder city devils in San Diego! Shot two and a half rolls of film, eagerly awaiting their processing.


  7. Tonight

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  8. San Diego, California. I love you. (at Ranchos Cocina)

  9. Deafheaven at The Casbah

    Contax G2, Kodak Tri-x 400

    San Diego, Ca

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  10. Deafheaven


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  11. A few months back I caught Failure here in San Diego on their Tree Of Stars tour. Needless to say, I was blown away by their live performance. After a sixteen year hiatus, this tour back showed they still had what it takes to play their incredable discography and sound great doing it.

    I only had a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 with me and my Contax G2, that I was able to sneak past the door men at the House of Blues, you need a photo pass to use pretty much anything else but your phone, so I was unable to use my flash and had to relay on slower shutter speeds and an open lens. Not too bad considering the lighting in this venue isn’t the best. 

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  12. Shout out to @fuckedup for playing a bad ass show, and shout out to me for losing my flash the first song Into their set. Luckily I found it after the show, but couldn’t experiment with the ideas I had. Hopefully rating my film at 1600 and shooting wide open at 60th of a second results in decent images. I guess I’ll find out in a few days. (at Casbah San Diego)


    Municipal Waste at The Casbah

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  14. Loaded up a fresh guy. @fuckedup is playing the casbah tonight. Gunna get weird and experiment with my shooting and settings. Catch me up front singing along and throwing myself and camera around. (at Casbah San Diego)

  15. Municipal Waste at The Casbah

    Contax G2, Kodak Tri-x 400

    San Diego, Ca.

    Bummer my strap is in the last frame, the joys of shooting with a rangefinder, nothing was in the way of the viewfinder when I made that image. Blew It!

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