1. falldownhard:

    Nails, Che Cafe

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  2. falldownhard:

    Salton Sea

    Bombay Beach, CA

    Nikon D700

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  3. elkaclomp:

    And I was strong, strong in the sun 
    I thought I’d see when day is done 
    Now I’m weaker than the palest blue 
    Oh, so weak in this need for you.


  4. imonislandtime:

    Asleep // The Smiths

    I don’t want to wake up on my own anymore.

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  5. falldownhard:

    Seasick, yet still docked.

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  6. There are none as blind, as those who will not see! (at the black lodge)

  7. falldownhard:

    The Lonely House on 5th Street.

    Downtown San Diego, CA

    Contax G2, Tri-x 400

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  8. today I belong
right here with you…

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  9. Possible cover for the book. Indecision and constant self doubt have me starting and restarting my layouts. #kidsinafastlane #imworkingonit (at the black lodge)


  10. Anonymous said: What do you want from life?

    To experience life.

    To give more than I’ve taken. 

    Contribute something of substance.

    To do more than just take up space. 


  11. falldownhard:

    Stumbled upon more of my work out on the interwebs. This little write up I can read. Feel free to give it a look. Thanks.


  12. Anonymous said: List 4 places you would love to visit & 1 place you would live to visit again... :)

    Grand Teton National Park
    Pacific North West.

    I’d love to go back to the Grand Canyon and do the rim to rim hike.

  13. nahfuckallthat:

    Miss this!

    Wish I had the remainder of photos taken this night, crashed hard drive and no back up wiped out so many great photos.

  14. falldownhard:

    Downtown San Diego

    Contax G2, Ilford HP5



  15. monsterpoptart:

    And I know this ghost

    I have seen it before.

    Converge - The Saddest Day